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Mokonomika 2023

Client Swedbank Services Integrated Communication, CSR & Sustainability, Events Year 2023

If two years ago we surprised our participants with the idea of the largest remote lesson itself, in 2023 the key element of surprise was - innovation. On March 9th more than 280 000 students, teachers and curious people joined MOKONOMIKA to have a glimpse of what’s about to come in the future. From artificial intelligence, sustainable finances, robotics to climate change, innovations, and personal growth.


  • To have at least 250.000 people in Lithuania watching the event across multiple channels


Who else if not the host can make the big entrance? So, for the first time in Lithuania’s event history, our team created an avatar to host the event live on a two hour broadcast on national TV and special event platform. The prototype of avatar was chosen from thousands of options in 3D model database, and our design team made him look as real as possible from head to toe, from character and personality perspective to his tone of voice.


The results exceeded the plan:

280 000

More than 280.000 people viewed MOKONOMIKA 2023


90 percent of the participants said they would defiantly recommend the event


MOKONOMIKA 2023 earned more than 30 mentions in Lithuania’s national media

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