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Client Swedbank Services CSR & Sustainability, Integrated Communication, Social media Year 2021

Swedbank's sustainability policy is based on UN 17 Sustainable Development Goals. Research shows, that public understanding of sustainability in Lithuania is somewhat fragmented. In accordance with it, Swedbank initiated project SEVENTEEN, together with Vilnius City Municipality and 17 social partners.


  • To raise awareness about UN 17 Sustainable Development Goals.
  • To introduce Swedbank and its partners' CSR and sustainability initiatives in an engaging way.


In order to effectively raise awareness about Sustainable Development Goals, we had to introduce this topic in an easy and engaging way. 17 partners, 17 quizzes, 17 unique objects in Vilnius city center, and one App to rule them all.


Here's what we've achieved:


people participated in the project


active engagements on social media


publications about the project in Lithuanian media

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