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Hypertension Day

Client Servier Pharma Services Integrated Communication, CSR & Sustainability, Public relations Year 2020

On World Hypertension Day, we implemented the project, during which we've 'checked' the blood pressure of well-known sculptures in Vilnius. By doing this, we were raising awareness that one in three Lithuanians have high blood pressure.


  • To commamorate World Hypertension Day.
  • Raise awareness about the importance of regular monitoring of blood pressure.


May is blood pressure monitoring month. However, due to strict Covid-19 restrictions, we were not able to do traditional in-person blood pressure monitoring activities. Therefore we've teamed up with famous photographer Rytis Šeškaitis and created a photo series of famous Vilnius' sculptures wearing blood pressure monitors. By doing this, we were inviting Lithuanians to regulary check their blood pressure.


The project and its key CTA were well received by the society and the media:


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