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Client Servier Pharma Services Events, Public relations Year 2021

According to WHO, hypertension is a major cause of premature death worldwide. In Lithuania, the situation is also alarming. Different estimates conclude that 30% to 60% of the population have increased blood pressure. There is plenty of information on the internet and in the media about hypertension, despite this, more and more people in Lithuania are receiving this diagnosis. Together with our client, we’ve understood that easily accessible information is very important, yet it is not enough.


  • To find new innovative ways to raise hypertension awareness in the media and beyond
  • To encourage people to walk and take care of their health


Our strategy was simple – instead of talking let’s do the walking. Therefore, we teamed up with popular walking app “TrenkTuras” and created 5 free heart-shaped walking tracks in 5 major Lithuanian cities. On International Hypertension Day, we presented these routes on “LRT” and „Delfi TV” programs and on the radio. The routes are promoted on the “Nematoma liga” website and social media. Also, to inform older audiences, we’ve placed route maps along with QR codes, in popular city publications. Moreover, in partnership with „”, we created a test about the heart.


Rezultatai, kuriuos pavyko pasiekti:


people walked ~5500 km


people took the test on “” portal


people were informed about the campaign through press releases

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