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Everyone Can Invest

Client Swedbank Services Integrated Communication, Social media, Public relations Year 2021

During the pandemic, consumer savings soared in Lithuania. With rising inflation, more and more people started to look for ways to protect their money from losing value. An opportunity arose to encourage people to consider investing in securities – stocks, bonds, and investment funds.


  • To bust old myths and show that EVERYONE CAN INVEST.


Over the course of the campaign, 45 press releases about investing were prepared and distributed to the media, 87 content pieces were published on Swedbank blog, and over 100 posts about investing were posted on social media. 11 videos were prepared and shared during the campaign - from one-minute animated Investment 101 videos to deep-diving investment webinars.


Campaign reached and exceeded its initial goals:


increase in investment funds' transactions


unique content views in owned channels


contacts reached in the media

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