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Bright Friday

Client Shopping center G9 Services Other, Social media Year 2022

In 2022 shops, restaurants and the entertainment industry were still recovering after a major drop in sales affected by COVID-19 pandemic. To reconnect with customers and encourage them to come back to shop at G9, we did a bold Black Friday campaign and gave it a different name.


  • To create an authentic fashion oriented Black Friday campaign.
  • Strengthen relations with G9 tenants and encourage them to submit valuable Black Friday offers.
  • Attract at least 11 000 visitors in the month of November.
  • Increase sales by at least 10%.


To stand out from current competitors we decided to create a different Black Friday campaign and named it ‘Bright Friday’ and filmed a fast, dynamic, strong and colorful commercial.

To attract shopping center visitors and encourage them to shop we reached people in three ways:

  • online.

  • on the streets of Vilnius.

  • inside the shopping center.

To reach people online we used digital advertising tools such as Meta ads, Youtube ads and banners on main Lithuanian websites. Also, to communicate ‘Bright Friday’ offers we used G9 social media and website. Also, all tenants of the shopping center had an opportunity to showcase their offers inside the shopping center through posters displayed in shopping center windows.


Here’s what we’ve achieved during this campaign:


of G9 tenants created a Black Friday offer and participated in the campaign

11 200

people visited G9 (+2% over the KPI)


growth in sales, compared to November 2021 (+37% over the KPI)

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