Photo project, video, copywriting, media relations, social advertising

Term: 05 – 17 May 2020

Client: Pharmaceutical company Servier Pharma

Task: to celebrate World Hypertension Day (17th May), highlighting the issue of high blood pressure and the importance of measuring and controlling it.

Idea: in collaboration with famous photographer Rytis Šeškaitis, to implement a photo project and capture city sculptures with real blood pressure monitors on them.

Implementation: May is National Blood Pressure Month, but, due to the quarantine and the threat of coronavirus, we were unable to organize massive blood pressure measurements. Instead, we have used the sculptures of Gediminas, Žemaitė, J. Basanavičius, one of the Atlanteans, Dr. Aiskauda, ​​Žibintininkas, the City Guard, Užupis Mermaid as models and thus invited Lithuanian residents to monitor their blood pressure regularly. The resulting photos were distributed to the media, emphasizing the fact that high blood pressure is the main risk factor in the world: every 8th death is caused by hypertension.

The result: articles in major portals and their social networks, in total more than 40 appearances. Social advertising in, LRT and LNK TV stations.