Sip Sap – Birch Tree Sap

Branding, packaging design, social media

Client: Straikas

Desired outcome: For many Lithuanians, birch tree sap was something associated with our grandparents, and seen as a drink from days of yore. However, recent growing trends for non-alcoholic organic drinks and the pursuit of wellness have transformed birch tree sap’s reputation from being one of slippers to one of sneakers.

Solution: The introduction of Sip Sap, a natural birch tree sap drink, which is sourced from Lithuanian forests.

Results: Within two years of the campaign, Sip Sap entered all major retail chains across Lithuania and scored 120 points from HoReCa – the Hotels, Restaurants, and Catering Association. Sip Sap is also available in France, Germany, Romania and Japan. It has also reached 3,000 Facebook followers, plus a  further 6000 on Instagram.