Event, PR and social media

Date: January 2021

Client: Swedbank


  • To represent Swedbank as a Thought Leader and The Impact investor in the field of financial literacy, economics and sustainability by addressing to these specific audiences: teachers, schoolchildren, their parents and opinion leader. Also to reach and engage at least 100 000 of the mentioned audience by using innovative instruments.
  • To celebrate the 200th anniversary of Swedbank by presenting financial literacy lessons to Lithuanian students.

Idea: In 2021, Swedbank turned 201. Therefore bank presents 201 lessons to Lithuanian schoolchildren and teachers. 200 lessons are an extremely popular financial literacy lessons by Swedbank’s Institute of Finance. 1 lesson is The Largest Lesson in Lithuania – a one-day remote festival of knowledge for schoolchildren and teachers.

Implementation: In December 2020 “Swedbank”, together with market research data collection company “Norstat” and e – diary “TAMO” initiated the  survey. 1000 teachers in Lithuania were asked to share their thoughts on remote learning. 

The results showed that 96 percent of respondents indicated that their work flow had increased, the lack of online content was the biggest challenge mentioned. These results initiated the fundamental idea to help the teachers with quality content, which is creative, engaging and applicable.

It took 2 months – from the very first brainstorm to an actual event and on the 21st of January 2021 MOKONOMIKA was live. 24 lessons and 27 teachers, 3 hours of live broadcast via several streaming channels: a special event platform, portal Delfi, as well as Youtube and Facebook.  

As COVID-19 was still high in numbers – the first priority was safety. A unique virtual studio with a teleportation effect was set up for the live broadcast. The studio made an impression that the three event hosts were together on the same stage. However, each of them hosted live from a separate green room and had zero physical contact with one another. 


225 000 participants.

160 terabytes of streamed data secured by 6 video servers, 15 prompters, 21 laptops, 3 green screen studios and the staff of more than 30 technicians. 

MOKONOMIKA was mentioned more than 30 times in all the biggest media portals in Lithuania, along with a huge support & feedback from people in social media and sincere gratitude from the students and teachers.

“Swedbank” Finance Lab opened registration for the additional 200 lessons for individual classes. A symbolic number commemorating the 200th anniversary of “Swedbank”.