Conference ISM FUTURITY: One Day in the Future

Organization, sponsorship, advertising, PR, content marketing, sales

Implementation: 2018 01-10

Goal: To position the ISM University of Management and Economics as a think-tank type institution; to form a modern university image and enrol students.

Solution: Every year ISM launches an advertising campaign to attract new students. The decision was made to transform the campaign into a conference and show the benefits of pursuing a course of ISM study. The theme of futurism was chosen, and the ISM Futurity conference was communicated as the first conference of the future in the Baltic States. Three well-known futurists, Anna Lise Kjaer, Nicklas Bergman, and James Bellini were invited to the conference, and all participants were met by Vilnius Mayor, Remigijus Šimašius. In parallel with the conference, the Youth Future Workshop took place. It was hosted by ISM teachers and Lithuanian Startups showcased their ideas and products.

The conference was advertised on TV, radio, as well as through outdoor advertising and GoogleAds.

Results: 700 people attended the conference, and approximately 40 articles and interviews were given across the Lithuanian media.