Art object, video production, PR and social media

Date: November 2020

Client: Swedbank


  • To spotlight food waste problem and its imprint on our planet by joint efforts of Swedbank and NGO Maisto Bankas (Food Bank), the organisation that gathers and distributes food to the people in need.
  • To invite the public make sustainable decisions at home and support Maisto Bankas.

Problem: food waste and consequential effects on the environment is still the topic that is not discussed and considered often enough. Products that could still be used or given away constantly end up in a trash bin: each year, a person in Lithuania throws away approx. 60 kg of food.

Idea: artist Jolita Vaitkutė created art installation Foodprint – from 60 kilograms of food, statistically being thrown away.

Implementation: first, Swedbank and Maisto Bankas conducted the research, which revealed kitchen habits, knowledge about the consequences of food waste and emotional response to this problem.

Survey results were used to initiate the discussion about the relation of our habits and environment, as well as possible solutions.

After learning what products are discarded the most, well-known Lithuanian artist Jolita Vaitkutė created short-lived art installation in the form of her own fingerprint. Afterwards, the food used for this art object was carefully collected and donated to Maisto Bankas.

Both the creative process and dismantling of the installation were documented in photos and videos, reminding that although everyone leaves some imprint on the environment, we can also reduce or fully eliminate it.  

Results: survey results were covered in 7 articles on major Lithuanian news websites. Survey data was also discussed in Lithuanian national broadcaster LRT morning show Labas Rytas and daily show Delfi Diena on the most visited news portal. Survey findings got additional publicity on LRT and Delfi social media.

Foodprint installation was covered in 12 articles by major news websites and LNK evening TV infotainment show. Making-of video has 52.000 views on Swedbank Facebook profile. Posts and stories with photos of Foodprint received 1 000 positive reactions on artist’s Jolita Vaitkutė Facebook profile.

In total, messages about food waste on Swedbank Facebook profile reached 140.000 people.