AINAVA: opening of textile car wash

Content marketing

Implementation: 2018 05-06

Goal: To introduce the first textile and self-service car wash from Ainava, a company that previously specialised in cleaning and area-management solutions.

Solution: In order to reveal the advantages of a textile car wash and the professionalism of Ainava, a series of articles were written by The subject was approached by showing two very different opinions about one car-care issue: thestereotypically old-fashioned and contemporary, which is in line with the idea of ​​the Ainava business philosophy. For example, in the article Love for Nature: Is It Worth to Go to Eco Car Wash, a character who washes his car in own yard and a character who cares about environment were shown. Other topics covered aspects of quality care products, time spending on washing, plus other.

Results: Nine articles on, which were read by almost 50,000 times.