Anti-piracy Campaign “A Half-way Thief Does Not Exist”

Public relations, media relations, creative advertising (art & production), branding, event management, social media

Term: 2018 April – 2018 November

Partners: Latga-A, Agata, Avaka, M.A.M.A, Lithuanian Music Business Association, Inac

Problem: According to MUSO data, 87 percent of Internet users in Lithuania illegally downloaded or viewed movies, music, or books. The information showed that there are currently 200 pira-sites distributing films, 60 distributing TV content, 75 distributing music, and 20 distributing books. It is estimated that in Lithuania alone, the revenue of pirating websites reaches $15m per-year.

Solution: To shift attitudes against piracy and to establish a mindset that this activity is harmful to Lithuania’s cultural scenes and artistic communities. To also attract attention from the Ministry of Culture and the Parliamentary Committee of Culture to faster adopt piracy-prevention amendments to Lithuania’s copyright protection law.  We needed to clearly outline the harm caused by piracy not just to celebrities, but also to other consumers and artists. This was achieved by bringing awareness to the fact that illegal uploads, downloads, and streaming results in less movies, music, and books. Active celebrity engagement and content, media involvement, plus straightforward and provocative slogans were brought together to result in a single, successful campaign.

47 publications on the issue

30 celebrities engaged

1 implemented policy change: an amendment to copyright protection law

Baltic Communication Awards: Bronze for Public Relations 2018